Litt - idea & time tracker.

Litt is little idea & time tracker. It combines functionality of outliner & time tracker in single application.


  • Access to Litt database is protected with user defined password. Security implementation is based on open source standards. Litt uses sqlcipher project as storage backend.
  • Crossplatform - implemented with Qt framework, runs on most modern platforms.
  • Time tracking - every your stored note has own time tracker - you can see how much time was spent for work. Great for creating invoices also.
  • Smart start / stop of time tracking depending on activity on computer. Of course it can be enabled or disabled from preferences.
  • Attachments - you can add any file to your notes.
  • No bloatware - just plain text / attachments / time tracking.
  • There is NO any GTD theory behind of this - you can use application as you wish.

Contact mail: info (at)